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Welcome and thank you for visiting The BedderWay Co.

One of the leading manufacturers of REAL WOOD Murphy Beds / Wall Beds and accompanying cabinetry products shipped all over the United States. Since the company was founded in 2000, it has been our goal to help our customers regain valuable space in their homes, apartments, condos, rental properties, and vacation homes by blending the appearance of fine furniture with the functionality of Murphy beds. Our Murphy Bed systems (also known as Wall Bed systems) are also commonly used in hotels, hospitals, dorms, and fire stations.

Our Murphy Beds take the concept of a bed in a wall and bring it into the 21st century with beautifully crafted, hand finished furniture. Utilizing our state-of-the-art Murphy bed mechanism, which is a pneumatic counterbalance system, we can hide a bed in plain sight and give you back the full use of your room.

We offer Vertical Murphy Beds and Horizontal Murphy Beds models to accommodate a Twin, Full/double, or Queen size mattress, and you can use any standard innerspring mattress you choose. This makes our quality Murphy Beds more comfortable for your guests than the old sofa hide a beds or trundle beds. We also have a wide range of Murphy Bed Side Cabinets to help tie your room together while providing additional storage or display space. You can also add larger crown molding, lighting, glass shelves, pull out night stands, painting, rustic weathering, or even order an unfinished murphy bed. All of our space saving murphy beds are your choice of either real wood or melamine, and offered with a wide range of colors and decorative hardware choices to compliment the design and feel of your personal space.

Many of our competitor’s Murphy Beds come in a lot of pieces and parts, making installation very time consuming and labor intensive. Our unique construction and simple assembly hardware makes installing your new murphy bed safe and simple.

We are also proud to offer coordinating home office cabinetry that balances perfectly with our hidden Murphy Beds. Utilizing these versatile, modular pieces allows you the convenience of a home office workstation while at the same time providing noble hospitality to your overnight guests. We work with you using our home office workstation design sheet, creating a rendering layout based on your dimensions, transforming once single use room in to a more versatile home homes and a quest room.

We weren’t the first to build a murphy bed, but we have made it so convenient, safe, and stress free, you could be convinced we did. If you have any questions about Murphy bed Dimensions, Finishes, the Warranty on our Murphy Bed / Wall Bed mechanism, please browse through our site or reach out and contact us. We are here to help answer your questions and start to make your life a lot more functional. Don’t forgot to fill out our Free Murphy Bed Catalog, where you can you receive a handy catalog with all of our options, styles, pricing, and dimensions. Looking for a better deal, visit our Murphy Bed Discount page where you might find the bed you won’t at a lower price due to overproduction or scratch and dent. These beds are already packaged and ready to ship to receive within 5-7 business days.

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