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Painted Beds

Painted Beds

Painting your wall bed project is an additional option you might consider when placing your order. We offer a standard WHITE, BLACK, or GREY option:.

White Paint
Black Paint
Grey Paint

Samples shown above are on MAPLE wood, which is a more common wood for painting. PLEASE NOTE: if you choose Oak as a wood type for your murphy bed and have it a painted, you will see and feel the oak grain texture. Please call us if you have any questions on the difference of painting maple or oak. Contact Us

Our Process

We start off by constructing your wall bed with Maple wood. Two coats of vinyl primer are applied to the bed before applying a Pigmented Lacquer (your paint color) on top.

Pigmented lacquer is a product in which paint and lacquer are mixed together. This gives the finished product a furniture grade finish, while achieving the solid color of paint.

PAINTING Cost (added onto the price of the murphyl bed / side cabinet) (includes priming)

Painting your wall bed:                    $350.00 (any style bed)

Painting your side cabinet:              $150.00 each (any style cabinet

Painted Workstations are quoted per project

We do not paint any other color, other than our White, Black, or Grey.

You may choose to have your bed unfinished or primed only. This will allow you to be able to paint the bed a color, or creative finish, that works best for your room. Call us to discuss your needs so that we can better help you make a decsion that works best for you. Contact us

PRIMING ONLY Cost "Ready to Paint" (added onto the price of the murphyl bed / side cabinet)

Priming your murphy bed:                $150.00 (any style bed)

Priming your side cabinet:               $75.00 each (any style cabinet)

Priniming Workstations are quoted per project

Examples Pictures

white painted wall bed white murphy bed
Black murphy bed white murphy bed open
Twin Murphy Bed white horizontal murphy bed
black painted murphy bed grey painted murphy bed  
white murphy bed side cabinets  


distress murphy bed We offer THREE different Weathered Finishes as an upgrade for any of our wooden murphy beds and accompanying side cabinets. Weathred finishes be can done on either Oak or Maple wood. To learn more, and to see examples of our weathered finish, pleae visit our Weathered Finish page.
weathered white   weathered black   weathered grey weathered finish
ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR WEATHERED FINISH: (any of our three colors above):
WEATHERING OF SIDE CABINET per cabinet $195.00


If you have any questions about painted projects please contact us.

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