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Sign up below to receive our FREE Bedder Way Murphy Bed Catalog in the mail. This colored catalog is filled with pictures, pricing, dimensions, and other technical data on our murphy beds, side cabinetry, and workstation cabinetry. All of this information in our catalog is the same information you will find on our website. Our catalog is a handy tool for you to hold on to if you are not ready to buy a murphy bed right now. Use it to compare our Real Wood Murphy Beds or Melamine murphy beds to any other company you find. You will also find that once you buy a murphy bed from us, your family and friends will want to know where you purchased it from and this will allow you to help them on their murphy bed journey. If you find that you would rather download our catalog instead of recieving it in the mail, click the Download button and you will have a PDF of our current calalog to save or print. If you have any additional questions about our murphy beds, call Toll Free 1-866-783-5105.


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Murphy Bed Free Catalog Video

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