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Supplying Murphy Beds to customers across the United States

From our Manufacturing Facility to your home

Teaming with the right delivery company can make a difference in any business. We are proud to have CEVA Logistics as our main transportation service company that carries our murphy beds from our manufacturing facility to your home. It’s not just CEVA's ability to reach our customers all over the Unites States and beyond, but their ability to communicate with our customers for scheduling, care with handling our product, and most importantly the handling of any situation that might arise along the way. It is nice knowing that a product that we take great pride in manufacturing is handled by a company who takes great pride in transportation and home delivery. CEVA offers us with the ability to provide our customers with options that allow them to choose between three levels of service: Curbside, Threshold, and White Glove (Threshold & White Glove delivery may not be availalbe in some areas). Having these options allows each customer to choose a service that fits their needs when receiving their murphy bed. Ceva also provides one of the fastest transportation time frame once it leaves our facility, which means shorter lead times for receiving your murphy bed once you order!

Flat Shipping Rates Nationwide

"Unbeatable Service for the Price" Free Standard Shiping is available on all Vertical and Horizontal Murphy beds. Free Curbside Shipping does NOT include side cabinets or workstation projects.

We are proud to offer FLAT RATE "NATIONWIDE" SHIPPING with 3 Options for DELIVERY:

Shipping MethodDescriptionMurphy Bed $Side Cabinet $Mattress $

Curbside Shipping

Delivery made by one man at the end of the residential driveway (or in front of the building) with the assistance of a liftgate vehicle. Boxes will arrive on a pallet. Driver is not responsible for removing boxes from the pallet nor bringing items into the house, building, garage, etc.

1-Man, Liftgate Truck


SIDE CABINET $100.00/ea  $50.00/ea


Threshold Shipping

Two Man Delivery Team will unload your items and carry them inside a garage or covered porch. The Delivery Team does not climb any flight of stairs (unless a few steps to front door), unpack, assemble, or remove debris.

2-Man, Garage or Covered Porch

MURPHY BED  $450.00  $100.00

SIDE CABINET $175.00/ea  $75.00/ea

MATTRESS $175.00  $75.00

White-Glove Service Shipping

This service is currently not available from our shipping company due to recent events.

2-Man, Inside Delivery-Unpack, Box Removal (Installation NOT included)

MURPHY BED   $510.00

SIDE CABINET   $195.00/ea

MATTRESS  $195.00

Possible Additional Fees

Due to delivery requirements of certain areas there may be additional fees.(Ex. additional flight of stairs, toll fees, ferry fees, and areas beyond service.)

Hawaii and Alaska Shipments

For shipments traveling to either Hawaii or Alaska, please give us a call so we may quote you rate for your size of project. Unfortunately our flat rates above do not reflect the price to ship to either location due to distance. Rest assured our shipping company can easily carry our product to your location. Current shipping discount will apply to your shipping quote.

International Shipments

For shipments traveling Internationally, please give us a call so we may quote your rate for your size project and destination. Our shipping company is a Global Logistics company an is capable for shipping any size project any where in the world. Current shipping discount will apply to your shipping quote.

Tip for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Internationally

We have found over the years that some of our shipments will travel to a port on the East, West, and Southern Coast where it is loaded up with other shipments by a transportation container company specifically shipping a container to the country of your destination. This seems to be a cheaper and easier choice for shipping our murphy beds outside the contiguous United States. Feel free to to give us a call to see if we can help point you in the right direction for a container logistic company that might be a better choice. If you choose this a company like this, than CURBSIDE would be your choice when placing an order with us.

Shipping Murphy Beds to Alaska and Hawaii



The Bedder Way Co., in conjunction with CEVA Logistics, strives to provide a positive, stress-free experience with every delivery. No matter your location, each delivery is made by a professionally trained and experienced delivery team member. Because each item is built to order and completely unique, there will be a slight lead time for production (view the top right corner of this page for current lead-time). Once the order is complete, you will be notified of the shipping and tracking information. Once it leaves our dock, national average is 7-10 business days before delivery, but timeframe could exceed 10 days depending on location. Deliveries are made between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

In Home murphy bed delivery nationwide

When your Murphy Bed arrives, the bed will come fully boxed & palletized:

Box 1: Face of the murphy bed (a little larger than the size of a Twin/Double/Queen box spring). See table below for packaging dimensions.

Box 2: Two side Verticals, Headboard, Header, Crown, Pistons, Instructions, Parts Bag

Side Cabinets (if ordered) are shipped fully assembled, one box per cabinet.

Make sure you also account for the size of this piece before ordering.

Murphy Bed Shipping Boxes


Once your murphy bed has been completed and leaves our facility, you will receive an email notification. This notification is emailed to the address you provide when you place an order and will include tracking information along with other valuable information. You will use the link within the tracking email to schedule your delivery appointment through CEVA’s Home Delivery Portal. Your delivery appointment will be a specific day and an estimated window of time (some areas require all day appointments). All deliveries REQUIRE a set appointment date. NOTE: If you are in remote location or “beyond point,” you will be given a contact phone number of the local provider.

Someone will need to be present to receive and sign for all deliveries. For Curbside Delivery all boxes will be delivered on a pallet. For Threshold and White Glove service, you will simply need to show them the location in your home to place the packages. Once delivery is complete and you have verified that it is in proper condition, installation is a breeze. (see picture example of a typical Threshold Delivery Service, example shown going in the garage, but can also go just in side your front / back door).


Although our beds do ship partially unassembled, it is important that it can be delivered through all entryways, hallways, elevator doors and interiors, and / or STAIRWAYS. If items do not fit upon delivery, cancellation and return fees will apply. Some situations may constitute extraordinary delivery requirements (if available) and necessitate additional delivery fees at customers expense, such as additional stairs over two flights, the use of non-standard delivery equipment (if available), or short term storage. Use the specific bed dimensions in the table provided below, to determine whether the boxes can go straight through and into the space or if they must be brought in on end or at an angle. Please make sure that there is a clear and unobstructed path in front of and beyond each doorway. Make sure to consider any fixtures, low ceilings heights, decorative moldings, banisters/handrails, etc. that may make it difficult to deliver your order. If the piece must be taken out of the box in order for it to fit up/down the stairs, it will be the responsibility of the customer to unpack the piece and carry it the remaining distance.


QUEEN BED FACE  63” 9” 83” 64” 160+/-15
DOUBLE BED FACE 57” 9” 78” 58” 150+/-15
TWIN BED FACE 42” 9” 78” 43” 115+/-15
SIDE CABINET 30” 20” 84” 36” 60+/-25



SIDE PART BOX – ALL BEDS 22" 9" 92" 24" 120+/-15


Tracking Your Murphy Bed

Once your murphy bed leaves our facility a tracking number is emailed to the email address that you provided when placing your order. You will use the link within the tracking email to schedule your delivery appointment through CEVA’s Home Delivery Portal.

Damage During Transport

One of the main reasons we use Ceva Logistics is their professional handling of our product. In the case of damage during transport, please either make note of damage on the delivery receipt and keep the bed, or refuse the package. Any damaged piece will be replaced as quickly as possible. 

Please contact us if you have any questions pertaining to delivery.


installing a murphy bed

easy Installation

Installation of our murphy beds is done by the customer. We provide step-by-step installation instructions that are easy to follow, along with our Toll Free number for any questions you or your installer may have. It is not uncommon for our customer to hire a Handyman or Contractor to install their murphy bed project for them. If you choose to hire someone to install your bed and/or workstation, Bedder Way is not responsible for any installation/uninstallation fees nor for loss of time or hired labor due to missing parts.  We recommend you wait until after delivery is complete before scheduling any hired help for installation.  The installation is very easy; in fact 90% of our customers install the bed themselves. Side Cabinets DO NOT need to be assembled. Side Cabinets are mounted to the side of the murphy bed after it is attached to your wall. 

Our murphy beds come in 2 boxes, which will contain 6 pieces when they are unpack-aged.

2 people - 1 to 1-1/2 hours of your time

On average, our customers will take 1 to 1-1/2 hours install their murphy bed. Usually the length of time is based on the customer reading and performing each step of the installation process. Those that buy and install a second bed find the time is cut down by more than fifty percent. Easy installation is only one of the many reasons our murphy beds have become so popular. The most technical and important part of installing your murphy bed is running a stud find across your wall to find a minumum of three studs (wood or metal studs). You can also attach to a brick or concrete wall as well. With easy to follow installation instructions and machined holes where parts go on easily and without confusion, you can find installing your murphy bed to be simple and rewarding.

  • Face of the murphy bed
  • 2 Side Cabinet Verticals
  • Header
  • Headboard
  • Slide on Crown Molding

Tools required:

  • Phillips screwdriver or bit for drill
  • Electric drill
  • 1/8 inch wood or masonry bit (depending on wall type)
  • Stud Finder
  • Ladder

Assembly Does Require 2 people and an hour of their time.


Wall Attachment

Our murphy beds are wall mounted, which means they attach to the studs in your wall at the top of the bed only. The Bed sits on top of your existing flooring like a normal piece of furniture.

Since the murphy bed needs to sit flush against your wall, we provide a notch that is 5 Inch HIGH by 1 inch WIDE at the back/bottom part of the murphy bed to fit over your base molding (as seen below). If you do not have base molding and do not want the notch, make a comment in the “Additional Notes” box at time of checkout or give us a call (DISCOUNTED BEDS DO NOT APPLY). If your notch needs to be larger you can increase the notch using a handsaw or jigsaw after receiving the bed (instructions are provided with your bed aka. Installation instructions). Notches are not to exceed 12 inch HIGH by 2 inch WIDE.Contact us if you have any questions.

Please Note that your wall bed MUST be securely mounted to the studs in your wall, or brick / concrete (your wall type). The Bedder Way Co. is not responsible if you or whomever installs your murphy bed, does not attach to your wall properly.



To view the instructions used to assemble our murphy beds, click on the PDF download link below:

Please contact us if you have any questions pertaining to Installation.

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