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Common Questions

Common Murphy Bed Questions and Answers

We want to make sure that we answer all of your questions, even the ones you didn't think to ask. Though we would like to be your one-stop-shop, we know that as a smart customer, you are looking around to learn who offers the best product for the best price. As a manufacturer selling direct to our customers, we understand that you are not in front of the product see it first hand. That is why we invite you to ask any question you need to feel safe in knowing that you are buying a quality murphy bed from a leading company. We welcome all questions, whether we have the answer on our website / literature or not. If you do not find your answer below or any where else on our website, please call us Toll Free 1-866-783-5105 or email us by clicking here.

Main Question:

Why buy from the Bedder Way Co.?

Q1:Is there a Warranty?
Q2: Can the murphy bed be opened & closed easily?
Q3: Do you need a box spring? Do you offer mattresses? Can I use my own mattress?
Q4: What keeps the mattress in place when the murphy bed is closed?
Q5: Can you leave anything on the murphy bed when closing it?
Q6: How much does it cost for shipping / delivery?
Q7: Do you build out of any other woods other than Maple and Oak wood?
Q8: Do I have to assemble my new Bedder Way murphy bed? What about the side cabinets?
Q9: How are your murphy beds shipped?
Q10: What Makes the Bedder Way Co.'s Delivery Service Different?
Q11: After my Bedder Way murphy bed is shipped, can I track my shipment?
Q12: Can I add lighting to my murphy bed?
Q13: Is there a notch provided for baseboard molding?



Why buy from the Bedder Way Co.?

A:This question seems to be the most common asked. We would like to combine this question with another commonly asked question "What do I need to know about murphy beds?" Murphy Beds are not a new concept as most customers are aware. Many can remember a Murphy Bed in an old movie or at a grandparent's house many years ago. Murphy beds were founded on the spring-loaded system that is still in use today. Many companies, not all, who use the spring loaded system, still have the bed bolted down to the sub floor. This will cause more damage to your home than attaching to the studs in the wall. We use a piston mechanism (see Q2-Question 2), that allows our beds to be attached to the studs in your wall (also a concrete or brick wall). It's not only our superior mechanism that draws our customers in, but our PRICE and the fact we use REAL WOOD (solid wood and veneer core furniture grade plywood with wood veneer engineered substrate on our side verticals).


Too many companies out there are selling Murphy Beds at a premium price using plastic laminate instead of real wood. Our customers are so thankful when they come across our website and communicate their confusion on "Why" so many other companies are charging higher prices for cheaper material. We can only express our understanding that those companies are a distributor (not the manufacturer) and mark up the price to make as much money as possible. WE ARE THE MANUFACTURER and sell direct to the consumer. WE USE REAL WOOD in the construction of our murphy beds. We use solid wood, veneer core furniture-grade plywood, and wood veneer engineered substrate (side verticals only) in the construction of our beds. Customers from Coast to Coast compliment us daily about our polite and helpful attitude while explaining our product and Murphy Beds in general.

So during your journey on learning more about Murphy Beds, please keep these things in mind:

  • Piston Mechanism or Spring loaded system
  • Wall Mount or Floor Mount
  • Real Wood or Melamine
  • Choices of wood, hardware, stain colors
  • Delivery service
  • Lead Time


Q1: Is there a Warranty?

A: Yes, we offer a 10-year Warranty on all mechanical parts.


Q2: Can the bed be opened & closed easily?

A: Yes, the way the pistons are positioned on the bed compensate for the weight. The pistons look and operate comparable to the pistons used on a hatch back of a SUV or minivan (not the same piston on your car), meaning they have the same smooth operation when opening and closing the bed. There is no spring motion that you will find with a spring operated Murphy Bed.


Q3: Do you need a box spring? Does the price include the mattress?

A: No, you do not need a box spring. The box spring is actually built into the bed. The bed is built with double 1-1/2 inch struts that run the length of the bed. No, the price of the bed does not include a mattress. We do offer a SEALY mattress in either a FIRM, PLUSH EURO-TOP, or MEMORY FOAM comfort level. click here for more information.

Our murphy beds require a standard innerspring mattress that should not exceed 12 inches in thickness. If you already have a mattress that you would like to place in your murphy bed, our beds take a standard TWIN, FULL, or QUEEN size mattress (depending on what size murphy bed you would like to order). If your shopping a local mattress store, please remember to BUY JUST THE MATTRESS.


Q4: What keeps the mattress in place when the bed is closed?

A: There are straps at one end of the bed, which hold the mattress into place. When the bed is in the upright position the mattress will not move or touch the wall. This allows you to hang artwork on the wall, which will make the bed more decorative when the murphy bed is open.


Q5: Can you leave anything on the murphy bed mattress when closing it?

A: You may leave sheets, blankets, and a comforter on the bed as long as they are tucked in around the mattress before you close the murphy bed. Pillows must be removed before closing.


Q6: How much does it cost for shipping / delivery?

A: We have three set fees for shipping (any where with in the continental Unites States): Curbside, Threshold, and White Glove. Both Threshold and White Glove included delivery by two men.  Visit our Delivery page for more information on our delivery and rates.


Q7: Do you build out of any other woods other than Maple or Oak wood?

A: No. We only build our murphy beds out of oak or maple.


Q8: Do I have to assemble my new Bedder Way Murphy bed? What about the side cabinets?

A: Yes, you do have to assemble your murpy bed. Beds are broken down to 6 pieces for shipping purposes. When you receive the bed, you simply screw the pieces together and fasten the bed to the studs in the wall. It normally only takes two people 45 minutes to an hour to install a Bedder Way murphy bed. Every Bedder Way Murphy Bed comes with complete step-by-step, easy to follow, installation instructions (with our toll free number on the front cover for any questions you may have).

Our side cabinets are fully assembled when you receive them. All you need to do is fasten the fully assembled cabinet to your murphy bed.


Q9: How are your beds shipped?

A: We ship all of our beds with Ceva logistics. They offer shipping anywhere in the continental United States (and outside - call us for international shipping). Our customers can feel safe in knowing that Ceva Logistics is an excellent shipping company. For more information delivery options and pricing, please visit our delivery page.


Q10: What makes the Bedder Way Co's Delivery Service Different?

A: Let’s face it; there are some very important things to consider when having a piece of furniture, like a Murphy bed, delivered.  

  1. How much will you be paying for delivery?

  2. Is this ”In-Home Delivery" available?

  3. What does delivery REALLY include?

A lot of our competitors have tried to “match” our delivery price.  The only problem is, they cannot match our service for that price.  If you just compare prices without looking at what you are getting, the price is the same.  However, when you look at what you are getting for your money, there is no comparison.  We have the lowest delivery rates for the highest level of service.

Let’s take a look at what The Bedder Way Co. offers versus some of our competitors.


  • $450 Threshold / $510 White Glove (Flat Rate anywhere within the contiguous United States)

  • Two Man IN-HOME DELIVERY (Threshold - Frist Dry Location) (White Glove - room of choice unpackaged)
  • ALWAYS carried from the truck INTO your home – BY TWO DELIVERY MEN

  • ALWAYS delivered by a Two Man delivery team

  • ALWAYS includes a pre-scheduled delivery appointment


  • $349 Flat Rate


  • Customer must have people at the home when the truck arrives

  • Delivery company cannot be counted on for help

  • Will leave pallet on the road and drive away



  • $389 Flat Rate


  • Customer is responsible for transporting Murphy bed inside the home

Which level of service do you think should be standard?  In the past, we have used the same shipping companies our competitors currently use.  We looked for a better level of service, from a superior company, for less money.  We found them and we employ them to save you money, frustration, and back aches.  The truth is, we didn’t want our customers to do something we wouldn’t want our family members doing; carrying these large pieces of furniture from the curb and into the house. To learn more, visit our delivery page.


Q11: After my Bedder Way murphy bed is shipped, can I track my shipment?

A: Yes, you will receive an email with a tracking number that will send you directly to the Ceva Logistics website.ou will use the link within the tracking email to schedule your delivery appointment through CEVA’s Home Delivery Portal. Your delivery appointment will be a specific day and an estimated window of time (some areas require all day appointments). All deliveries REQUIRE a set appointment date. NOTE: If you are in remote location or “beyond point,” you will be given a contact phone number of the local provider. For more information and pricing, please visit our delivery page.


Q12: Can I add lighting to my murphy bed?

A: Yes. Lighting is an option that we offer with our beds. The Lights consist of Two lights that are recessed in the header (inside top) of the murphy bed. They are controlled by a touch pad that is located on the top of the headboard. The light cord is hidden by running down a grove in the back side of the side vertical and plugs into the closest outlet on your wall.


Q13: Is there a notch provided for baseboard molding?

A: Yes.Since the murphy bed needs to sit flush against your wall, we provide a notch that is 5 Inch HIGH by 1 inch WIDE at the back/bottom part of the murphy bed to fit over your base molding (as seen below). If you do not have base molding and do not want the notch, make a comment in the “Additional Notes” box at time of checkout or give us a call (DISCOUNTED BEDS DO NOT APPLY). If your notch needs to be larger you can increase the notch using a handsaw or jigsaw after receiving the bed (instructions are provided with your bed aka. Installation instructions). Notches are not to exceed 12 inch HIGH by 2 inch WIDE.Contact us if you have any questions.


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