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Bedder Way Outreach

Bedder Way helping in the community

Doing our part to help

Bedder Way strives to be involved in organizations that give back to the community as well as help the environment. Each year we are apart of donating our time and finances to help organizations that are apart of helping mother earth, fighting disease, struggling families, community outreach, city emergency hero's, and religious organizations. It takes working together to help our country and beyond, so Bedder Way is making strides each year to find ways to be apart of that team. Below you will find an ongoing list of organizations that we have had the privilege to be apart of or donate to.


Habitat for Humanity Donation

Bedder Way is proud to have donated roughly between 200-300 cabinets to the Habitat for Humanity Restore each year for the past few years. During production of our murphy beds, we try and maximize every inch of material using hight tech cnc machinery and optimization programs. Though every production facility will incur some waste (aka extra scrap material) with the large amount of murphy bed production that we do, our team of experts found a good use of this extra material with building upper cabinets for Habitat. The Habitat ReStore is a home improvement thrift store that sells donated items by individuals and companies. All proceeds benefit Habitat’s missions. It is Bedder Way's company mission to not only build a quality murphy bed for our customers, but to always look at lean manufacturing principles that will make the most of material waste. To learn more about Habitat Restore Click Here



Donating to American Forests

As a member of the American Forests (R), The Bedder Way Co. donates funds each year that go towards planting new trees in areas of need. American Forests and its members help to restore habitats for wildlife, help make the air cleaner and the water purer, and bring back some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. With the help of donors like us, American Forests ensure a healthy productive forests are growing today, tomorrow, and for future generations.


To learn more about American Forest, or to become a member: CLICK HERE - AMERICAN FOREST

Saving our forests with planting trees

Baca Bolt 5k Run for Autism

Bedder Way was proud to be able to be a part of the annual BACA BOLT 5K run for Autism. The Behavior Analysis Center for Autism (BACA) uses the principles and procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach language, social, self-help, academic, daily living and life skills to children with autism and related disorders in the greater Indianapolis area. BACA is committed to the continuous education and training of its staff by hosting regular seminars and training sessions from its esteemed clinical team. To learn more about BACA - CLICK HERE

Bedder Way Sponser BACA Bolt 5k run for autism

indianapolis firefighters credit union scholarship fund

Bedder Way Murphy Beds donates each year to the Indianapolis firefighters credit union scholarship fund. We are proud to be able to help support higher education for son's and daughters of local fireman.

Building cornhole boards to support ALS fundrasing event

Bedder Way was proud to be able to build for cornhole boards for the annual "Kick ALS in the Cornhole Tournament". Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, touches way too many people. The Fishers Sports Academy held a tournament to raise funds for one of its local community members with ALS. This event was a lot of fun to socialize, play in a cornhole tournament, and participage in a silent auction. All funds bennifited the Wes Shealy Foundation. To learn more CLICK HERE - KICK ALS IN THE CORNHOLE


To learn more about ALS - CLICK HERE

Building cornhole boards to support ALS fundrasing event

Bedder Way helping churches in the community

Bedder Way has been apart of helping local churches with updating their cabinetry. This donation of cabinetry and service allows churches to focus their funds on more important services that help the community and mission trips throughout the world.


local community

Future projects in the community

Bedder Way continues to find ways and organizations to support its local community. Though we are limited on the amount we are able to provide, we welcome any requests. If it isn't something we are able to do this year, we might the following year. We also focus on causes our Bedder Way team members feel strong about and / or are affected by. As we continue to grow, we hope to continue to grow our Bedder Way Outreach!

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