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Small Contemporary Chrome Handles

Small Contemporary Chrome Handles

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Extra Small Contemporary Chrome Handles
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Note: **Painted Oak Wood will show grain.**
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Extra Small Contemporary Chrome Handles



Size Height Width Depth Projection
XL Twin

Bed size:

Bed size is based on the size mattress you would like to have in your wall bed. For example: A Queen mattress (60 inches by 80 inches) needs to be used for a Queen size wall bed. We offer Twin, Full (double), and Queen sizes, for both Vertical and Horizontal wall beds. WE DO NOT OFFER KING SIZE. View dimensions of our wall beds on our Dimension page to see Twin, Double, or Queen sizes that work best for your space. Side Cabinets Height, are based on the size of the bed you are purchasing. Our side cabinets come in three different widths; 18, 24, or 30 inches. When ordering side cabinets online, select the size bed that you are wanting the side cabinets to go beside.

You can also see standard mattress dimensions on our Mattress Info page.


You have your choice of either OAK or MAPLE wood.


Maple is mainly used for furniture, paneling and millwork, kitchen cabinets, moldings, doors, musical instruments, and turnings. Maple is often used as a substitute for Cherry and Birch wood.

General Description

Maple has a white and light tannish brown heartwood, with darker colored pith flecks. The wood is generally straight-grained with a fine uniform smooth texture.

Working Properties

Maple machines well and can be stained to an excellent finish. It glues, screws, and nails satisfactorily.

Physical Properties

The wood of Maple is heavy, hard and strong. It has very good bending properties, with good crushing strength and shock resistance.


The Latin name for oak, Quercus, means "a fine tree." The oaks have been key in America's industrial transformation: railroad ties, wheels, plows, looms, barrels and, of course, furniture and floors. The oak is the state tree of New Jersey.

General Description

The sapwood of red oak is white to light brown and the heartwood is a pinkish reddish brown. The wood is similar in general appearance to white oak, but with a slightly less pronounced figure due to the smaller rays. The wood is mostly straight-grained, with a coarse texture.

Working Properties

Red oak machines well, nailing and screwing are good although pre-boring is recommended, and it can be stained to a good finish. It can be stained with a wide range of finish tones. It dries slowly.

Physical Properties

The wood is hard and heavy, with medium bending strength and stiffness and high crushing strength. It is very good for steam bending. Great wear-resistance.


Abundant. Most widely used species

Stain Color:

View the Stain/Finishes page to learn more about our stain colors and stain options. You can choose from 9 standard stain colors listed on our web site, and three paint colors. When ordering side cabinets with your murphy bed, please make sure you are choosing the same stain color and wood type for both the bed and side cabinet. To learn more about our Weathered Colors, please visit our Weathered page.

Please Note: stain colors can vary in tone color depending on your monitor settings. If you wish to get a true color sample on either Oak or Maple Wood please give us a call (1-317-783-5105). We can only send up to 4 samples. Charges may apply.

Melamine Color:

View the Stain/Finishes page to learn more about our melamine color options. You can choose from 5 standard melamine colors listed on our web site, and four designer melamine colors. When ordering side cabinets with your murphy bed, please make sure you are choosing the same melamine color both the bed and side cabinet.

Please Note: melamine colors can vary in tone color depending on your monitor settings. If you wish to get a true color sample please give us a call (1-317-783-5105). We can only send up to 4 samples. Charges may apply.

Handle Color:

You will notice on the style of our bed face, we have hardware that either dresses up the appearance of real doors / drawers and/or assists in being able to pull the bed face down. Depending on your face style, you have the choice of either Antique Brass, Brushed Chrome, or Black. NOT ALL HANDLE STYLES ARE AVAILABLE ON EACH BED FACE.

You can have a better view of these handles on our Stain/Finishes page.

Please NOTE - If you should choose to select "NO HANDLES", you will need to provide and attach your own handles to the bed face before you assemble the bed (you need handles on the face of the bed to pull the bed down).

Wall Type:

Our wall beds need to be attached to the studs in the wall at the top of the bed. We need to send you the appropriate screws for mounting to your wall. If you are in a building and do not know what is behind your wall, please call your super or building manager. Most residential homes have wood studs (typical studs are spaced16 inches on center). Make your selection on your Wall Type by choosing which type of wall you will be mounting the bed to: Either a wall that has wood studs, a wall that has metal studs, or if the wall is Brick or Concrete.

Side Cabinets are not attached to the wall; they are attached to the wall bed.

Note: You can place your wall bed any where on the wall. It is recommended that you find and attach to three studs. Proper installation to your wall is very important and can cause serious injury if attached improperly. The Bedder Way Co. is not responsible for injury due to improper wall attachment. If you need a further explanation, please give us a call.

Crown Molding:

Our 3 1/4" Crown Molding (not angled) comes Standard with our Murphy beds and side cabinets (not workstation cabinets).

Our 3 /14" Square Molding is a choice if you are wanting a more modern look to your Murphy bed and side cabinets.

You do have a choice to choose a Larger Crown Molding that angles out from the bed / side cabinet at a additional charge. This Larger Crown Molding adds 2 inches to the height, 4 inches to the width, and 4 inches to the depth of the bed and 2 inches to the depth of any side cabinetry. Adding on Larger Crown Molding will automatically change your depth of your wall bed to 22 1/4 inches. This addition to the depth is to work with any current or future side cabinetry that will have larger crown modling as well.

Crown Molding Options

Baseboard Notch (Bed only):

Since the murphy bed needs to sit flush against your wall, we provide a notch that is 5 Inch HIGH by 1 inch WIDE at the back/bottom part of the murphy bed to fit over your base molding (as seen below). If you do not have base molding and do not want the notch, select No Notch (DISCOUNTED BEDS DO NOT APPLY). If your notch needs to be larger you can increase the notch using a handsaw or jigsaw after receiving the bed (instructions are provided with your bed aka. Installation instructions). Notches are not to exceed 12 inch HIGH by 2 inch WIDE.Contact usif you have any questions.

Crown Molding Options

Soft Close:

Add soft close hinges and slides to the doors and drawers of your side cabinets.

Glass Shelves:

Glass Shelves is an option (extra charge) instead of our standard wood shelves. Glass shelves ares a nice feature when adding lights to your side cabinet. Glass shelving is only available on certain side cabinets, where the option is displayed.

Extra Depth:

If your mattress is more than 12" in thickness we can build the depth of the murphy bed cabinet to accommodate a 13"-15" mattress. The overall depth will increase to 19 5/8". Projection for a Queen to 88 7/8" and Full/Twin 83 7/8"


Lighting is an option that we offer with our beds and  VERTICAL SIDE CABINETS. Our Lighting option is sold separately per Bed and Side cabinet. Lighting consist of Two lights for a bed and One light for each cabinet. Lights are recessed in the header (inside top) of the murphy bed and/or cabinet. They are controlled by a touch pad that is located on the headboard (bed) or inside top (cabinet). The light cord runs down a grove on the back side of the bed (back side of cabinet) and plugs into the closest outlet on your wall. Lighting runs $200.00 (bed) and $115.00 (per cabinet).

Night Stand:

Night Stands are an option that we offer with our Side Cabinets. This stand uses the same slides as our drawers, and pulls out to provide you a nice platform to temporarily set items (ex. glass, book, glasses, etc) while you are lying in bed. The platform is 14 inches deep. This option adds on $75.00 per cabinet. (Night Stands are not available with every side cabinet).

Clothes Valet:

Clothes Valet is an option that we offer with our Side Cabinets. This valet pull out from your cabinet (top of cabinet only) and allows you to hang clothes parallel to the width of your cabinet. For optimal use, Valets should only be ordered with 24 or 30 inch cabinets (not available with 18 inch cabinets). This option adds on $50.00 per cabinet. Clothes Valets are not available on cabinets for horizontal beds. 
clothes valet

Cabinet Width :

Our side cabinets come in three different widths- 18, 24, or 30 inches. When you are selecting the side cabinet for sitting on the RIGHT or LEFT side of your wall bed, the side is determined when you are standing in front of the wall bed and looking at it. Our cabinets are built with crown and base molding that wraps around the front and side (outside, away from the bed) of the cabinet. Which means per your choice, it is made for sitting on that side of the wall bed. EXAMPLE: If you are standing in front of the bed, looking at the face of the bed and you want a 24 inch side cabinet on the right side of the wall bed, than you will choose: 24" Right. If you are confused, please contact us before ordering. This is the complete outside measurement including the Crown and Base molding on the cabinet. If you should desire to have your cabinets in a different width (maximum is 30"), please proceed by contacting the Bedder Way Co. Toll Free 1-866-783-5105 and place your order over the phone. Additional charges will apply for all non-standard size cabinets.

Cabinet Placement :

Cabinet Placement is based on which side of the bed you would like your cabinet placed as you are facing the bed. You may also select a cabinet to go between the middle of two beds, which we would flush cut the crown and base molding. Another option is to have the cabinet free standing on a different wall from the bed, which in turn we would wrap the crown and base on all three sides.

For more information for any of the above, please call us Toll Free at 1-866-783-5105.

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